The London Stone

At 111 Cannon Street is a piece of stone, or rock, but it’s not just any old piece of stone, this is the London Stone, something that has graced London in almost the same location for centuries and has had myths and stories grow around it’s mysterious past. Since 2018 the London Stone has been … Read more

The Golden Hind

Situated tucked away on the banks of the Thames not far from Borough Market and London Bridge station is the replica of The Golden Hind, the ship that circumnavigated the globe between 1577 and 1580. This is a great attraction to visit, especially good for children as there are actors in period costume who will … Read more

Old Billingsgate fish market

Old Billingsgate Fish Market

There’s an office building alongside the Thames which is situated between Tower and London bridges, it’s one that many will walk past and perhaps even stop on the terraced area alongside the river to take some pictures but a lot won’t be aware that this was the home of London’s main fish market for hundreds … Read more

Drinking Tea In London

Tea in London

Tea is synonomous the world over as the drink of Britain and for many visitors to London enjoying a cup of tea is one of the activities they have planned, whether they drink tea normally or not. Some will go for a traditional afternoon tea, offered by many hotels and restaurants and at an enormous … Read more

The London Docks Tour

Free Tours The market for ‘free’ walking tours is an established one these days and offered in many cities across the globe. One of the leading companies offering this in London is Free Tours By Foot who offer a range of tours from the expected ‘see the big sites and sights’ through to some themed … Read more

St Dunstan In The East : City Oasis

St Dunstan In The East

Just a short walk from either Tower Hill Station or The Monument St Dunstan In The East is a surprising and magical delight. While I wouldn’t suggest anybody makes a special trip to visit if you are out and about around the city and can spare half an hour a visit will be well rewarded. … Read more