The London Stone

At 111 Cannon Street is a piece of stone, or rock, but it’s not just any old piece of stone, this is the London Stone, something that has graced London in almost the same location for centuries and has had myths and stories grow around it’s mysterious past. Since 2018 the London Stone has been … Read more

The Plague

The Black Death

People being told to stay in their homes, numbers of dead being tallied and reported by the authorities, sounding familiar? Theatre and public entertainment such as football being stopped, no this is not London 2020 in the midst of the global Covid 19 pandemic but 1665 when the last major plague outbreak hit London. There … Read more

So what’s a Mews?

Sparrow Hawk

This is another of those questions I get every so often as I’m guiding a walking tour group, typically from non Britains with English as their first language but also from others. It normally comes as we pass from St Katherine’s Dock and pass Mews Street and until I began getting the question it’s not … Read more

The Golden Hind

Situated tucked away on the banks of the Thames not far from Borough Market and London Bridge station is the replica of The Golden Hind, the ship that circumnavigated the globe between 1577 and 1580. This is a great attraction to visit, especially good for children as there are actors in period costume who will … Read more

Old Billingsgate fish market

Old Billingsgate Fish Market

There’s an office building alongside the Thames which is situated between Tower and London bridges, it’s one that many will walk past and perhaps even stop on the terraced area alongside the river to take some pictures but a lot won’t be aware that this was the home of London’s main fish market for hundreds … Read more