Cable Car

Air Emirates Cable Car

The Emirates Airline Cable Car runs between Royal Docks and the Greenwich peninsula and whilst it’s not the most oft used piece of public transport it’s still a great experience and something that is well worth doing. After 9AM the cars which run every 30 seconds and accept 10 people take you on a 10 … Read more

Cycle Hire Scheme

London Cycle Hire

London has over 750 docking stations and 11,500 bikes available for anybody to hire spread right the way across the capital. To hire a bike you just need to find a docking station, you will find yourself passing them all the time in central London, and access your bike(s) using a credit or debit card. … Read more

River Bus

River Bus

A great way to both see and get around the capital the river boats operate from multiple piers, some of the most popular are listed below. You can buy your ticket before you board or tap on and off with an Oyster Card or contactless credit or debit card in the same way as you … Read more

Cabs (Taxis)

London cab

The iconic London black cab is not only a must do activity when visiting the capital but can also be a great experience. London cabbies have to pass the famous ‘knowledge’ before they earn a license to drive one of the black cabs, this means that they need to memorise all of the streets in … Read more

Trains & Underground

If you are spending any time at all in London then it’s almost a certainty you will end up travelling on the ‘tube’, London’s underground rail network. London is covered by 11 tube lines, plus additional overground trains and the DLR (docklands light railway) and a new line is due to open in the next … Read more