Cabs (Taxis)

The iconic London black cab is not only a must do activity when visiting the capital but can also be a great experience.

London cabbies have to pass the famous ‘knowledge’ before they earn a license to drive one of the black cabs, this means that they need to memorise all of the streets in London and be able to drive you straight there by the most direct or quickest route. It’s an incredible feat in a City as large as London.

All of the black cabs are wheelchair accessible and will carry assistance dogs at no extra charge. All journeys are metered with a minimum fair of £2.60, it’s typical to tip to make the cost up to the nearest pound when using a black cab but most cabbies are very gracious when recieving additional tips.

You can hail a black cab from the pavement when their Taxi sign is illuminated yellow or you will see ranks of cabs in central London, just approach the front taxi.

There is also a number of mincab firms available across London including Uber but black cabs are the only ones allowed to be hailed or stopped in the street.

Cabbies can be an infinite source of knowledge and chat about London and your surroundings, a trip in an iconic black cab should be on every to do list with a visit to the capital.

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