Borough Market, the king of markets

Loved by Londoners and tourists alike Borough Market is a busy, frenetic experience of quality and diverse produce.

Serving Southwark for over 1000 years, yes 1000, Borough Market doesn’t rest on it’s laurels and is at the forefront of sustainable living. None of the waste goes into landfill and surplus foodstuffs are either passed on to local charities or if not suitable go to an anareobic digestion plant. This turns it into power, fertiliser or water.

I won’t go on about all the stalls using biodegradable packaging, or the water harvesting, take it for granted it’s a good place to buy stuff.

It’s also a good place to buy stuff in terms of the produce, many of the stall holders travel in with their own produce whilst others offer products which are among the very best available.

You can buy cheese, fruit, meat, fish, cider, vegetables, chocolate, wine, beer, coffee and I can go on and on. The common factor is that you can almost guarantee whatever you buy, it will be good.

The street food outlets are also high quality and popular with locals, you know they’re going to be good when Londoners are willing to queue for their lunch. The surrounding streets are littered with people perched on available walls and kerbs tucking into their food.

All this goes place in the shadow of the majestic Southwark Cathedral and just outside London Bridge station.

If it’s a hot day, go grab something from 3Bis Gelateria just over the road, you’ll notice it by the queue heading in and the contented looking people licking ice cream walking out.

In London there is so much choice that if people are queueing you know there’s a reason.

In the evenings a plethora of bars and pubs create a lively but friendly atmosphere, it’s a good place to be and you will experience a complete mixture of people.

The market is in full swing from Wednesday through to Saturday.

If you haven’t visited, GO!

Click here for the market website, but go don’t just look at it online.

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