Crystal Palace Park

If you fancy a trip to the park with the kids to let off some steam then Crystal Palace Park might be just the ticket.

Situated in South East London it has all you’d expect from a park normally, grass, trees, pathways and a great playgound but it has something that will top most other parks.

There is an island close to one of the entrances which you can walk round and it’s filled with statues of dinosaurs that were made in Victorian days. These were renovated in 2003 and I believe more renovation is still being done.

There are placards around the island which describe what you are looking at and the differences between wha’s being shown and what we know with modern knowledge, you can only imagine what Victorians would have made of these large statues.

There’s also a small maze designed for children and a Sphinx to spot too.

At one end of the park you can see where the Crystal Palace building once stood, home to the Great Exhibition in 1851 and at the time containing more than 8 miles of display tables.

Entry is free as you’d expect for a London park and there is always a variety of activities going on most weeks, next door you will likely see the Crystal Palace athletics stadium, well know for international competitions.

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